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Marijuana And Emotional Health
12.03.2016 13:04

Marijuana is actually one of the most commonly taken illegal chemicals in close to all countries. it can make you truly feel comfortable, but it also results in addiction, memory problems, fear and worry and psychosis.

Marijuana is created from the dried foliage and blooms of a plant named Cannabis sativa. it is also named dope, pot, grass, joint, weed and spliff. It's usually smoked via a joint (like cigarette smoking) or by using a bong, water pipe, or vaporizer.

It's against the law to consume, possess, grow or sell pot in quite a few countries across the world. The penalties are distinctive in each state.

Cannabis problems

Cannabis affects each person differently. Cannabis can also have damaging physiological consequences/outcomes.

alcohol addiction

Cognitive/emotional health problems

Individuals that consume cannabis routinely are somewhat more likely to grow schizotypal personality and manic/depression.


Marijuana can cause:

more sluggish thinking and reflexes

an absence of self-discipline

panic or anxiety attacks

anxiety and paranoia

psychotic breaks


surreal thinking.

Those who ingest cannabis over long periods can:

grow to be reliant on it lose her/his sexual drive

have troubles with their memory

experience learning troubles

have emotional shifts

have a psychotic event

give some thought to committing suicide

Individuals that abuse marijuana are far more likely to have public and economic conditions, perform inadequately at high school, and suffer from familial and relationship troubles.

Marijuana is particularly hazardous for people who suffer from mental disease in the family.

Kicking the habit

Individuals that use marijuana consistently for lengthy periods could become dependent upon it. If these people stop consuming weed, they may feel uncomfortable, moody and angry, not feel like eating and suffer from problems sleeping peacefully.

Marijuana is manufactured from the dried leaves and flowers of a herb known as Cannabis sativa. Cannabis impacts each of us differently. It can help make you truly feel relaxed and satisfied, or peaceful and thoughtful. The consequences are generally felt promptly after ingesting it. Marijuana could also have hazardous bodily problems.


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